What is the Barre Biz?

The Barre Biz workout series is a revolutionary new approach to Barre workouts and exercise as we see it today. Designed specifically for health clubs, studios, universities, and independent instructors, this program has been formulated for fitness professionals and dancers alike to provide everything you need to implement a successful barre program. The Barre Biz workouts will not only teach you the fundamentals to deliver a fun, effective, and safer workout for all fitness levels, but the program provides the basics to make you seasoned professional in promoting, establishing, and implementing a barre program in your region to generate revenue for you and/or your facility. This program is unique in that is does not require the need for an actual barre, thus making it a truly convenient and affordable program and class that is easy to teach anywhere. All of the workouts in the Barre Biz series are structured to focus on participants' safety, with the movements pushing the muscle to an effectively challenged level without risking injury to the participants' joints, tissue, or skeletal systems. The program provided in Barre Basics, as well as all of the workouts part of the Barre Biz (Barre Above, Barre Core, Golden Barre and even more) is typically taught as a 55 minute class, and is presented in an all-inclusive manner to accommodate every fitness level of the participants.

What is included in a typical barre workout?

The format taught in the foundation workout program, Barre Basics, consists of a warm-up, standing leg, upper body, core exercises, floor exercises that challenge the core, and a cool down. The class is formatted to endure for approximately 55 minutes. The most unique part of Barre Basics, and the rest of the Barre Biz workout series, is that none of the workouts require a barre, thus providing greater convenience as well as variety for the instructor and participant.

How did barre workouts come about?

While barre workouts have only emerged in popularity within the last 3 years, this type of exercise actually originated in the 1930's from a German dancer, Lotte Berk. Berk fled Nazi Germany for a safer environment and settled in London. After a back injury, she found an alternative use for ballet when she combined her moves with her rehabilitative therapy, thus creating the beginning the barre workouts.

What are the benefits of barre?

Barre workouts increase flexibility, increase lean muscle mass, and protect bone health. Barre workouts also help improve balance and posture, increase physical stability, and contribute to a healthy weight when done regularly and combined with sound nutrition.

Will barre help me lose weight?

Barre workouts challenge you both aerobically (challenging your cardiovascular and respiratory systems) and anaerobically (building strength and muscle). Participating in barre workouts 3-5 times a week can also permanently raise your metabolism, and thus help you burn fat at a faster rate. When combined with a sound nutrition program, barre workouts can absolutely help you lose weight, and get fit! Moreover, with improved posture, you will look longer, leaner, and more athletic.

How do barre workouts differ from pilates and yoga?

Barre workouts exercise muscle groups using the body's own resistance, as opposed to pilates that uses machine and mat exercises. Barre workouts also focus on sculpting, challenging, and strengthening. Yoga workouts focus more on mental renewal and release, equally with fitness. However, Barre incorporates many of the base movements from each of these practices to make for a true fusion of so many modalities.

I have no dance background. Can I do a barre workout?

Barre workouts are for dancers, and non-dancers alike! If you have no dance background, a barre class can reap great benefits, because it will only help you improve in balance, flexibility, and range of motion. Although the music in a barre class may be used as either the driving force, or simply as background music, your barre instructor will lead you in cues and guide you so that you can master the movements.

I am not very flexible. Can I do barre?

Of course! In fact, barre classes will only help to improve your flexibility. Since everyone has a varying degree in flexibility, your barre instructor will provide modifications and guidance, so that you know what is comfortable, yet challenging for you in order to achieve a great, full body toning workout.

I have never done a group exercise class. Can beginners do a barre class?

Absolutely! Barre Basics, the introductory workout in the Barre Bit workout series if formatted for all levels of students – even those who may have never attended a Group X class before. All of the Barre Biz workouts provide an all-inclusive environment, and are non-competitive. A Barre Biz Instructor's goal is to provide an engaging, safe, and effective workout that participants walk away from accomplished and positive.

What is the appropriate attire for a barre class?

You may wear anything you wish to a barre class that is comfortable and easy to move in. Keep in mind that your instructor will want to see your alignment and form, so it is always a good idea to not wear anything too loose or baggy.

Do you have to go barefoot for a barre class?

Barre Basics, and all of the other workouts in the Barre Biz workout series, are best suited as sock training programs, but by no means do you HAVE to forgo shoes. There are many benefits to working in socks or barefoot, but if you are uncomfortable in the beginning without shoes, just let your instructor know. The Barre Biz program recommends that participants wear thin socks with grips on the bottom for slippery floors or carpeted areas.

What equipment is involved?

The best part about all of the Barre Biz workouts is that they require NO barre! This makes it super convenient for both any facility launching the program, as well as an independent instructor since it doesn't limit the set-up of a particular exercise room. The exercises in Barre Basics do not require any equipment. Additional exercise options in Barre Above utilize the Bender Ball (a small pliable Pilates ball), a light or medium set of weights (between 1-5lbs), a comfortable mat or towel for the floor work, and a set of gliding discs as well. In lieu of utilizing an actual barre, these small training tools are used to provide stability and muscular challenge all at the same time. The key to this program is using the tools, such as the Bender Ball, to make the exercises SAFER - not necessarily to make the exercises harder. The light and medium hand weights are incorporated in the upper body section and they are added to offer a more intense progression for basic exercises.

How often should you do barre workouts?

As many as you see fit! A good goal is 3-5 times per week in order to achieve maximum fitness results, but if you are just starting out then you should listen to your body and gage accordingly as to avoid injury. As usually recommended, you should always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

I am interested in becoming an instructor. How do I find out more?

Learn more about how to become an instructor at our Become an Instructor page.

I am interested in attending a class! How do I find one?

You can easily find any certified Instructors in the Barre Biz programs by simply searching through Youtube, Google, Bing, or via Facebook or Twitter.

My facility doesn't offer barre. How do I get my gym to start a barre program?

The best part about this program is that you don't need a barre for the exercises! This is a huge benefit to facilities that may have wanted to implement a barre program previously, but it would have required renovations to their studio or workout rooms. There are also no licensing fees for facilities. You can either recommend to your facility that a few of their instructors should get certified to teach it, or you can suggest that the club hosts a training workshop.

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