The creators of the Barre Biz specifically designed all of the programs with fitness facilities, studios, and clubs in mind. Below are just some of the benefits that the Barre Biz provides to these organizations:

Unique Programming

The programs in the Barre Biz blend the best of ballet, strength, yoga, and pilates. Every aspect in how our classes are taught reinforce safety, in addition to providing an exciting and effective fitness class for all participants with either a dance or fitness interest.

Minimal Implementation Cost

The programs in the Barre Biz have been specifically designed with fitness facilities and clubs in mind. The creators of the program understand everything that goes into launching a new service or program in a club, and created all of the programs in the Barre Biz with the goal of low-cost implementation. Since there is no bar required in any of the programs, facilities do not need to worry about additional installation and are not limited specific rooms in which to hold the classes. Many of the workouts require minimal equipment, or no equipment at all, making it inexpensive and affordable for any club.

A Complete Program

The Barre Biz takes Barre workouts to another level. It not only offers highly efficient and effective workouts, but all of the workouts also include movements that are focused in SAFE actions for the body that all fitness levels can do.

Revenue Enhancement for Your Facility / Business

This program is designed for everyone. The unique exercises and emphasis on safety make the class easy to follow and fun. Participants are able to master the movements on the first try, which gives them a feeling of immediate success and encourages them to come back again and again. Consistent participation leads to results that they can see and feel and these positive results are a key factor in member retention.

No Ongoing Costs for the Instructors or Facilities

Many of the exercises in all of the Barre Biz programs do not require any equipment, and the ones that do only require the bender ball and gliding disks - low cost fitness accessories that many clubs already have. There is no charge any licensing fees for use. All you need to get started is a professionally trained Instructor certified who is certified to teach, space to move, and a sound system.


The Barre Biz provides ongoing support and continuing education to our Instructors through ongoing choreography DVDs at purchase. Instructors are encouraged to fill their classes and create a sense of community and loyalty among participants. To that end, they are provided with effective marketing ideas, website support and other necessary assistance to help make instructors a success at every facility.

Flexibility in Branding

The Barre Biz was structured so that clubs and facilities can easily implement the program to fit their branding. Facilities can name their barre program whatever they see best to fit their member audience, and attractive the most potential participants.

Easy to Implement & Manage

This program was specifically designed to be easy to implement and manage from all levels. You'll receive everything you need to launch and manage your Barre program. And it all starts by attending a one day certification class. Log on to the website to find an upcoming certification near you.

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