Barre Biz

The  Barre Biz workout series is  a revolutionary new approach to Barre workouts and exercise as we see it today. Designed specifically for health clubs, studios, universities, and independent instructors, this program has been formulated for fitness professionals and dancers alike to provide everything you need to implement a successful barre program. The Barre Biz workouts will not only teach you the fundamentals to deliver a fun, effective, and safer workout for all fitness levels, but the program provides the basics to make you seasoned professional in promoting, establishing, and implementing a barre program in your region to generate revenue for you and/or your facility. This program is unique in that is does not require the need for an actual barre, thus making it a truly convenient and affordable program and class that is easy to teach anywhere. All of the workouts in the Barre Biz series are structured to focus on participants’ safety, with the movements pushing the muscle to an effectively challenged level without risking injury to the participants’ joints, tissue, or skeletal systems. The program provided in Barre Basics, as well as all of the workouts part of the Barre Biz (Barre Above, Barre Core, Golden Barre and even more) is typically taught as a 55 minute class, and is presented in an all-inclusive manner to accommodate every fitness level of the participants.

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