Barre Above

In today's fitness market, Barre workouts are one of the hottest trends, delivering incredible body-changing results with a low impact workout that is approachable for all fitness levels and ages. The Barre Biz program and workout series for fitness professionals is an eclectic and progressive approach to barre. Barre Biz teaches fitness professionals everything you need to implement a successful barre program that will keep your students coming back for more. The Barre Biz workouts can be taught with or without a barre, and even with chairs, making classes conducive to all types of instructors from those working in a fitness studio or gym to even independent instructors!

The Barre Biz program not only provides professionals the format and modification systems for teaching barre, but it also teaches professionals how to create and choose your own brand name. The focus of the Barre Biz program is to show you how to crack the code into the Barre Biz, and deliver new and exciting classes to your students. This program will help you maintain and grow your membership membership- all you have to do is start the show!

Barre Above is the foundation workout of the Barre Biz workout series, which includes additional programs geared towards specialty populations. Barre Above is designed specifically for health clubs, studios, universities and independent instructors. It has been formulated for the fitness professional and dancer alike to provide everything you need to implement a successful barre program.

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